Suite for Euphonium and Organ (2006)

Premiered Tuesday, May 9, 2006, 12:15 P.M. at King's Chapel, Boston; Shaun Ramsay, euphonium; Heinrich Christensen, organ. Program included works by Telemann and Burgett. Subsequent version for euphonium and piano was transcribed in August 2006.


Program notes from premiere:

Composed for Shaun Ramsay and Heinrich Christensen, Suite for Euphonium and Organ is comprised of five short movements, each based on the same serial tone row. Unlike many serial compositions where there is an attempt to deny tonality, this work favors the tonal implications of the pitch material by featuring a tone row that has strong triadic relationships throughout. Each of the five movements explores a different permutation of the same tone row within the context of a particular musical form. While demanding a great deal from the organ, the piece poses unique technical challenges for the euphonium through extremes in range, color, dynamics, and rhythmic complexity.