Scott Nicholas records "Six Preludes for Piano" at WGBH

Yesterday (November 7, 2012) was a red letter day for me, as it was the recording debut of my "Six Preludes for Piano."  The 24-minute work was performed by Scott Nicholas, a fine pianist who treated the work with great nuance and sensitivity.  We recorded at the Fraser Performance Studios at WGBH and Boston under the expert guidance of audio engineer Antonio Oliart, and Shaun Ramsay (my cousin who is a gifted photgrapher and musician in his own right) served as documentarian and videographer.  Finally, my dear friend and colleague Heinrich Christensen came to offer his expertise as pager-turner and general moral-supporter.  I'm a very lucky fellow--thanks to everyone how came to help out!

The "Six Preludes" is the last work to recorded for inclusion on a CD of my solo instrumental works, forthcoming from Albany Records in the summer 2013.

Next up: making editing choices in preparation to go to the engineer.  I've go my work cut out for me, but it's nice to have these kinds of problems!